On Saturday, Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) pulled a fire alarm in the U.S. Capitol moments before the House was scheduled to vote on a bill which would prevent a government shutdown. Is Jamaal Brown ever going to see the inside of a D.C. jail cell? Many of the January 6th defendants who languished in those cells for months were charged with “obstruction of an official proceeding”. Wouldn’t illegally pulling a fire alarm to stop a vote on a House spending bill constitute “obstruction of an official proceeding”? Yes, but it is a Democrat who did it, so the laws do not apply to him. Just like the Democrat activists who illegally stormed Kevin McCarthy’s office a few weeks ago. They got a slap on the wrist. If you storm the office of a Republican Speaker of the House, you get a ticket and a fine. If you move the lectern of a Democrat Speaker of the House, you go to prison.  

Later in the evening, the Senate voted to pass a Continuing Resolution to avert a government shutdown until November 17. The bill will go to Joe Biden’s desk, and his handlers will tell him to sign it, or he doesn’t get his daily ice cream cone. If the bill prevents a government shutdown, why would a Democrat representative, who only cares about the American people, want to prevent a vote on that bill? Because it works to the Democrats’ advantage for the government to shut down because they would simply blame it on the Republicans, and their lapdogs in the mainstream media would simply repeat the Democrat talking points – “Republicans bad; Democrats good”. That’s what the Democrats do, orchestrate these harmful events that they can blame on the evil Republicans. Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi agree to the National Guard protection of the Capital on January 6th that President Trump offered? She wanted a riot that she could label as an “insurrection” and blame it on Trump and the Republicans. And that is what this potential shut down is for the Democrats.

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