Nothing speaks to the Biden family character as how they treat Navy Joan – Flopping Aces

Nothing speaks to a person’s character as how they treat a child.

Hunter Biden had a months long affair with a stripper Lunden Roberts (while dating Beau Biden’s widow) which resulted in a child, Navy Joan Roberts. Just as his father does, Hunter denied any responsibility for anything. He said he didn’t remember even meeting the woman with whom he had the months long affair. A DNA test eventually proved Hunter was indeed Navy Joan’s father. Despite all the denials Lunden Roberts was on the payroll of one of Biden’s consulting firms while she was pregnant. He subsequently refused to pay child support but knuckled under when faced with a mandatory Court appearance in 2020.

Despite living like high on the hog Biden repeatedly tried to lower his monetary obligation to support his child, claiming poverty. This is the same Biden who took millions and millions from China and Ukraine. Hunter has fought tooth and nail to keep his daughter from claiming the name Biden.

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