Novel Nose Therapies Proving More Effective than Overused Antibiotics



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Novel Nose Therapies Proving More Effective than Overused Antibiotics

Nicholas Tsaclas – VP Sales, Sentry Laboratories

Fresh from presentations on whole health dentistry and anesthesiology without addiction, Freedom Hub is excited to platform “nose” expert Nicholas Tsaclas, on the much larger impact of that sense organ on total human health, and how novel nose therapies can protect against bacterial infections now aggravated by overuse of antibiotics and antimicrobials.


In 2015 the World Health Organization released a report warning of a post-antibiotic era, when common infections like strep, and injuries like scraped knees, could potentially kill.  A big cause of such infections is ‘MRSA’ – a staph infection incurred mostly in hospitals which saw a 15% death increase in Covid’s first year.  MRSA exacerbates Tuberculosis, pneumonia, and even allergy and sinusitis sufferers. 


The “nose”, as Mr. Tsaclas presents it, is the “redheaded stepchild” of the human body – which relies more than we know on the nasal airway to protect us from harmful bacteria.  The nose also plays an unappreciated role in digestion, acid reflux, and airway protection.  Nicholas will present novel therapies which respond, in part, to antibiotic resistance, including nasal “decolonization” for better health and safer surgeries. 

Just as the healthcare system over-relies on antibiotics, too many doctors diagnose asthma or overprescribe decongestant nasal sprays without warning about their dangers from long-term use.  Mr. Tsaclas defends the importance of nasal mucus, even post-nasal drip, and explains why respiratory infections happen more in cold weather than warm. Finally, he introduces easy therapies like proper nose breathing, and a new hygiene product using Hypochlorous Acid.

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