Reverend Franklin Graham recently stated that “every demon from hell” has been “turned loose” in our culture today. That may sound like hyperbole, but if you look at what is going on, you will see that the demon of the woke ideology is on an unrelenting mission to infiltrate and convert every aspect of our culture. In March, Bud Light, decided to put the face of transgender TikTok influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, on its beer cans in an attempt to use the popular beer brand to promote transgenderism. Not to be outdone, fashion designer, Calvin Klein decided to run an ad with a transman wearing a braand the North Face released an ad featuring a drag queen who encouraged customers to “come out” with the brand. Transgenderism is one of the leading demonic ideologies that is permeating our culture. The devil is the ultimate shapeshifter, that’s why he took the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden. Transgenderism, believing you can change your biological sex, is a prime example of shapeshifting. It is an ideology aligned with the devil’s world view.

It is interesting that no matter how much backlash these companies face or how much their stock prices drop, they keep plowing ahead with their woke agenda. It appears that they are more concerned about promoting the woke ideology than promoting their own products and brands. In anticipation of Pride month, retailer Target partnered with a London-based company, Abprallen, to release a line of clothing which contains messages such as “Live Laugh Lesbian,” “Cure Transphobia Not Trans People,” “Too Queer For Here,” and “We Belong Everywhere.” Abprallen also sells apparel with satanic imagery such as pentagrams, horned skulls, devil references, and t-shirts with the message that says, “Satan respects pronouns.” That message is in fact correct; Satan does respect pronouns in the same way the LGBTQ community does. When Jesus came upon a man who was possessed, he asked him, “What is your name?” And the demon replied, “My name is Legion for we are many.”(Matt 5:9) So, the devil’s pronouns would be “they” and “them”, which are the same pronouns that many transpeople use.

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