PSYOP-24 Incoming: Now MASSACHUSETTS is Hit by Wave of 'White Lung' Pneumonia in Children as OHIO County Issues Similar Warning – after China & Europe S

Exactly as this Substack predicted, first they rollout the followup “pandemic” in China…

From “pandemics” to social credit score system slavery, whatever is perpetrated in China serves as a trial balloon for what will eventually be instituted in the West.

According to a recent NBC news article,

Hospitals in northern China appear to be “overwhelmed with sick children” as the country grapples with a surge in respiratory illnesses and clusters of pneumonia, prompting the World Health Organization to ask Beijing for more data.

The UN’s depopulation node masquerading as a globalist “health” in the WHO as run by a Marxist war criminal that was installed by sociopathic eugenics puppet Bill Gates was ordered to simply comment on the unfolding events, but not yet announce their followup PSYOP-24 global “pandemic:”

…and then they deploy similar “pandemic” in America.

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