Pure Cowardice

University of Pennsylvania President, Liz Magill, resigned on Friday, after receiving much backlash for her disturbing congressional testimony last week, concerning the antisemitism on her campus. When asked by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) if the calls for genocide against the Jews would violate the school’s code of conduct on bullying and harassment, President Magill said that it would be “context-dependent”, and then added, unless “the speech turns into conduct.” 

 Harvard President Claudine Gay, who also testified in front of Congress, responded to the question in a similar manner, saying it would depend on the “context” and if it “targets specific individuals”. MIT President Sally Kornbluth also explained that calls for genocide of the Jews would constitute harassment, only if the calls were “targeting individuals, not making public statements.” What these three geniuses fail to realize is that when you call for the killing of an entire race of people, you are, in fact, targeting individuals – every individual of that race is targeted. 

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