Quickie Joe Meets UAW Strikers for 12 Minutes


That is the ONLY reason why Joe Biden flew all the way to Detroit to spend twelve, count ’em, TWELVE WHOLE MINUTES with the UAW strikers. Sleepy Joe just couldn’t stand the thought that he would be completely overshadowed by Trump speaking to the auto workers on on September 27 so he just had to make his brief dozen minute long appearance the day before. To keep the brevity of Biden’s UAW picket line appearance in perspective, I am able to air fry my breakfast sausages in the time Quickie Joe appeared at their staged event. Of course, during his whole 12 minute meeting with the UAW picketers there was ONLY one thing on his mind— DONALD TRUMP.

Oh, and check the postscript on this video to see how merely the invocation of Trump’s name is enough to short circuit the electronics of UAW officials.

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Posted by pjcomix

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