Reviewing a book blacklisted by Amazon because it dared say things Amazon doesn’t like – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

They’re coming for you next: Last week I posted an essay on the over-use and misuse of computer modeling in today’s scientific community, focused specifically on the unreliability of all climate models to successfully predict any actual climate trends.

One of the individuals who read my essay, Kenneth Green, immediately commented here on Behind the Black to note that he had just published a book on this very subject, entitled The Plague of Models: How Computer Modeling Corrupted Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulations, describing how the misuse of models has resulted in the proliferation of government regulations based not on actual data but on computer models that in many ways are nothing more than the opinions of the computer programs.

Green also noted that Amazon has refused to make his book available for sale, essentially banning it for no justifiable reason. As he explained to me in an email,

My publisher, who is a start-up small Canadian publisher specializing in public policy books, tried to upload The Plague of Models to Amazon, as he had previously done with half a dozen other books while working at previous institutions as in-house publisher. 

This time, unlike his previous experiences, the book was taken down shortly after it was uploaded (and we know the upload process worked, since the book was available briefly for preview, so there was no technical issue with the manuscript file). The publisher got a form-letter email saying that the book had been taken down because it may have violated some (non-specific) Amazon Term of Service. When he sent a note back requesting clarification/appeal, he got another form letter, this one repeating that the book may have violated some term of service, and warning that any attempt to re-upload would get his entire account terminated.

From what I’ve read on the internet, other conservative authors are bumping into the same pattern with Amazon. The book was successfully uploaded to Google Play Books, picked up by Barnes and Noble, as well as picked up by Ingram Global Distribution

There’s no way to know exactly why Amazon refused to distribute, as they hide behind the form letters, and don’t give one a human to talk to about it. But we are pretty sure we did not violate any of Amazon’s “Terms of Service.” I do suspect that we tripped a rejection-algorithm because of the somewhat critical discussion of COVID modeling that I have in the book. It’s a matter of record that Amazon installed filters to eliminate a vast swath of products and books related to COVID as “disinformation,” after they were threatened with investigation by Elizabeth Warren, back in 2020.

I decided Green’s book would be worth reading, and asked him for a review copy, which he graciously provided. I figured, if Amazon was blacklisting Green and his book, it likely contains some valuable insights that others should know about.

I now can say unequivocally that this book should be read by every high school student and every single journalist in the nation……

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