Shmucknunu Is Behind Effort to 14th Amendment Trump Off NH Primary Ballot

For Shmucknunu it is beyond political. It is MENTAL. Yes, his extreme TDS is so severe that he is now attempting to keep President Donald Trump off the New Hampshire ballot in the presidential primary next year. News reports are now stating that it is the New Hampshire Secretary of State seeking legal advice on ABSURDLY blocking Trump from the primary ballot based on the 14th Amendment disqualifying officials who have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the USA from public office. Trump has not even been charged with either insurrection or rebellion but that hasn’t stopped DESPERATE far left loonies from trying that politically weaponized lawfare to use that to keep him off the ballot in the general election in 2024. However, New Hampshire RINOs are also revealing themselves as crazed as the far left with the same attempt. Make no mistake about it, although it is the name of the New Hampshire Secretary of State in the news reports, it is definitely Shmucknunu behind this desperate and ILLEGAL attempt to keep Trump off the NH primary ballot.

If you doubt this, then check out these clips of Shmucknunu going full TDS. Also note that despite Shmucknunu’s desperate wish that one of the other Republican presidential candidates would emerge from the Milwaukee debate, Trump REMAINS stronger than ever. As you can see, post-debate the News Nation anchor completely deflated the bloviating Shmucknunu by pointing out that Trump “stole the spotlight.”

It is more than obvious that since the debate did not work out as Shmucknunu planned he is now attempting to 14th Amendment Trump off the New Hampshire ballot. Shmucknunu knows that Trump winning the nomination next year means his terminal TDS will send him straight to the Rubber Room.

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