St. Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus and ‘Terror of Demons’

Today is the feast of St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ and husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Joseph never speaks a word in the Bible, but he always immediately does whatever God tells him to do. He has therefore always been considered, since the earliest days of Christianity, as a model of quiet and humble obedience to God, and of the manly protector who sacrifices himself for his loved ones and does whatever needs to be done quickly and well.

As such, he is a wonderful model for Christians in a world where men are denigrated, where men are told they should not be providers and protectors, and where everybody is encouraged to be prideful and rebellious against God. While he is particularly a patron for husbands, fathers, and working men, as part of the Holy Family and the person closest to Jesus and Mary for most of their lives, Joseph is ready and willing to help everyone. St. Joseph has long been considered a special patron of the Catholic Church and a saint to invoke against the temptations of demons (and demonic forces are most certainly attacking our society). Joseph has been called “terror of demons”.

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No, this video isn’t me. My dresses are more modest with fuller skirts. But the dynamic is EXACTLY the same.

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