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State AGs: 1,400 Reasons to Stop Biden Admin from Colluding with Big Tech to Censor Speech

The Missouri and Louisiana Attorneys General are asking a court to block what they have alleged is the “flagrantly unconstitutional” censorship collusion of the Biden administration with Big Tech.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Baileyissued a March 6 press release about his ongoing lawsuit alleging Big Tech-government collusion to censor speech online. Bailey and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry filed a motion for a preliminary injunction in State of Louisiana, State of Missouri, et al. v. Biden. Based on the thousands of internal federal documents they have received, the attorneys general are asking for court intervention to stop federal officials from colluding with Big Tech to censor Americans. “Altogether, these censorship activities by federal officials and agencies constitute a gargantuan federal ‘Censorship Enterprise’… its activities are flagrantly unconstitutional,” noted the attorneys general. The lawsuit cited original MRC research from our unique CensorTrack database.

The press release said that their motion for preliminary injunction highlights no fewer than 1,432 facts demonstrating federal officials “coercing and colluding with big tech” to censor Americans’ free speech.

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Catherine Salgado is a columnist for The Rogue Review, a Writer for MRC Free Speech America, and writes her own Substack, Pro Deo et Libertate. She received the Andrew Breitbart MVP award for August 2021 from The Rogue Review for her journalism.

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