Stop participating in the delusions of the insane – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

In a perfect example of the modern madness of our time, when a bearded heavy-set man using the name “Lily” Mestemacher was arrested in Arkansas for making bomb threats against a location in Mississippi, the local news organization reporting the story in Mississippi used female pronouns to describe him because he claimed he was a woman. To quote that February 13, 2023 news report:

On February 10th, Mestemacher was transported to Oxford where she was booked on the aforementioned warrant. She was taken before a Lafayette County Justice Court judge for her initial bond hearing and issued a $50,000 bond. [emphasis mine]

His arrest mugshot is to the right. This is a man. Just because he is somewhat deranged and wants to make believe he is a woman does not require that local news organization, called The Local Voice, to participate in that derangement.

In fact, by agreeing to use his fake pronouns this news organization is agreeing to lie to its readers, while distorting its reporting. How can anyone trust anything else this garbage news outlet reports, considering it is so willing to participate in the absurd fantasies demanded by the unbalanced?…

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