In a recent interview, former First Lady Michelle Obama said, “I am terrified about what could possibly happen” in the 2024 Presidential election. She was referring to the potential re-election of Donald Trump. She said, “we cannot take this democracy for granted. And sometimes, I worry that we do.” Like Michelle, I am also terrified, but about what is already happening in the 2024 Presidential election. The democrats are trying to convict and imprison their number one political opponent, Donald Trump, and they are trying to remove him from the ballot so millions of his supporters will not be able to vote for him. The ramifications of that is indeed terrifying and the true threat to our democratic process in 2024. Our country did not use to be like this.

It all started to change in 2008, when her husband, Barack Obama stood before a crowd of thousands of people during his campaign, and promised to “fundamentally change” America. He told us what he wanted to do – to radically transform our country. Obama never really told us exactly what he planned on transforming America into, so it was always a puzzling statement to both make and applaud. Transformations can be unbelievable; they can also be disastrous.

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