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Last week, when hosting the screening of the movie, Till, President Joe Biden said that black people were “lynched simply for being black, nothing more. With white crowds, white families gathered to celebrate the spectacle, taking pictures of the bodies and mailing them as postcards. Hard to believe that was done, and some people still want to do that today.” 

Which people still want to do that today, Joe? He has no evidence that there are people who still want to lynch black people today, yet he made that charge anyway. He doesn’t name a name, so he impugns the entire white race which divides the country. Making non-specific accusations is a common tactic used by race baiters. When Meghan Markle accused a member of the Royal family of racism, she would not reveal who she was referring to, and therefore, she was able to indict the entire Royal family because without a specified name, anyone in the Royal family could be the racist, so they all are seen as racists. That’s exactly what Joe Biden did. By saying that some white people still want to lynch black people, but not identifying who, then all white people become guilty. 

The New York Times, 1619 Project, that is being taught in many of our schools aims to do just that, foist guilt upon the entire white race in America. It reframes American history through the lens of slavery, claiming that our true founding occurred not in 1776, but in 1619, when 20 black slaves were brought by boat from Africa to the Jamestown colony. The1619 Project teaches that America’s “founding ideals were false when they were written” and that “nearly everything that made America exceptional grew out of slavery”It argues that because of our past sins, “racism runs in the very DNA of this country.”

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