The Altar of Wokeism

In a recent episode of HBO’s series, The Last of Us, the viewer is presented with an ethical question, would you sacrifice a child to save the world? In the show, a fourteen-year-old girl named, Ellie, has developed an immunity to a virus which has been infecting the brains of people and turning them into flesh-eating zombies. A doctor wants to use Ellie’s immunity to create a vaccine against the deadly virus to save humanity, but extracting her brain to create the cure would kill Ellie. So, what would you do? Would you kill the little girl to save humanity, or protect the girl and allow humanity to perish? There are several ways of thinking about this question. Is it justified to kill one to save many? Should you never commit a wrong under any circumstance regardless of the good it may produce? Should children ever be sacrificed to save others? Some primitive cultures in human history have sacrificed the innocent to the gods for certain worldly gains. 

We saw this play itself out in real time a few years ago when children were sacrificed on the altar of Covid. Child sacrifice has become commonplace in our society. There are people who are actively using children to satisfy their narcissistic desire “to save the world”. Now they are sacrificing children on the altar of wokeness. Over 800,000 babies are aborted each year in America and that practice has been glorified by the left. It is seen as liberating to women to be able to kill their own babies. So, we must allow the sacrifice of babies to achieve equality for women. The Lancet magazine published an article a few years ago entitled, Abortion is a Moral Good, and they quoted scripture out of context trying to gain a moral grounding for the practice of murdering babies. Oscar winning actress, Jane Fonda, recently went so far as to advocate for women to murder the pro-life activists who are trying to save the lives of their children from the abortionist abattoir. 

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