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Of course it’s Hunter’s cocaine. Everyone knows it, especially the Biden’s. It was odd that the 53 year old Hunter Biden suddenly became a dependent resident of the White House as details of his tax evasion poured out. It’s absolutely and totally incredible to suggest that we may never know who the culprit is. KJP won’t flat out deny that the coke belongs to the Bidens, instead making some idiotic reference to the Hatch Act. KJP then went on to invoke a lie when calling a question about the presence of the Bidens in the White House “incredible irresponsible.”

NYPost‘s @CaitlinDoornbos: “Can you say once & for all whether or the not the cocaine belonged to the Biden family?”

KJP: “So…we’ve answered this…for the last 2 days…There has been some irresponsible reporting…To ask that question is actually incredibly irresponsible.”

But they were there on Friday- until 6:34 pm.

Substack writer Kate Hyde wrote: “KJP has just convinced me that the cocaine belongs to the Biden Family,”

No kidding. Arguably the most secure building in the world, with a million security cameras and no one can ascertain whose stash it is?


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