The Color of Crisis

Starting in March of 2020, our government spent two years locking down the country, forcing us to wear masks, mandating experimental vaccines, closing businesses, canceling schools and locking down churches all in the name of public safety. They were terrified of a virus that was less harmful to most Americans than the seasonal flu. Their mantra was, if doing all this saved even one life, then it is worth doing it.

Our government is upending our entire energy sector because we are scared of a benign gas that without it, all life on the planet would cease to exist. They act as if carbon dioxide, which is every plant’s oxygen, is equivalent to a toxic poison. And these radical and costly changes are all done in the name of saving lives.

Yet, our government after authorizing the intentional burning of millions of gallons of deadly chemicals that had spilled in a train derailment right outside of Palestine, Ohio which created a mushroom cloud filled with the deadly toxins, such as Phosgene – a WWI German chemical weapon – told the people of Palestine, to return to their homes and drink the water, a mere 3 days later. The same people who locked down the country for fear of Covid, told American citizens to go back to a town whose air, ground and water is still poisoned with toxins.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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