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We’ve waited a long time for this. The dam holding back the truth of Jan 6 has burst and democrats are freaking out. Tucker Carlson dropped the first of what are likely to be numerous bombshells exposing the J6 members for the fraudulent liars they are.

There were four fraudulent crimes in particular perpetrated by the J6 committee

  • Sicknick dying in the attack
  • The violent Shaman
  • Josh Hawley fleeing
  • Ray Epps

The left has lied consistently about the death of Brian Sicknick. The NY Times said that he died in the attack.

These Are the 5 People Who Died in the Capitol Riot

He most certainly did not. He died of “natural causes.”

The “violent” Shaman, Jacob Chansley was railroaded entirely. He’s serving a ridiculous sentence of around four years but the newly released video opens the door, as it were, for an appeal to vacate his conviction. Brady evidence was withheld in his trial and it was done intentionally. Chansley was very peaceful while walking about the Capitol and was escorted by two Captiol cops. Some democrats were all huffy about Chansley being armed with a “spear.”  That “spear” was an American flag and he never threatened anyone with it.

The Jan 6 committee went out of its way to embarrass Sen Josh Hawley. The Jan 6 committee, with the aid of egoistic and egocentric producer Dan Przygoda, presented for public consumption a highly edited video smearing Hawley as a coward who fled alone from the protesters. Ridicule was the intent here.

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