The Danger of Secret Governance…Covid just Reinforced it



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The Danger of Secret Governance…Covid just Reinforced it

Jon Miltimore – Managing Editor, FEE

According to CIA torture, whistleblower John Kiriakou – whose show years ago was an early Freedom Hub favorite – the Central Intelligence Agency not only hasn’t protected American political interests but affirmatively “…detracts from national security”.  And with shadowy figures enabling censorship so vividly during the past year’s Covid hysteria, is it time to consider an America without a CIA or other secret bureaucracy?

At his Substack,, and for FEE, Miltimore has written how the James Bond we loved in the movies was actually – according to his fictional creator – a blunt instrument of the state; how the 1970s movie, Three Days of the Condor, painted how terrifying secret governance could be (via mind-controlled assassins or controlling the press), or the truth about the 4th Amendment-violating Mass Surveillance monstrosity – operating without even oversight of the FISA court that at least the FBI has to abide – cynically justified via the 2001 Terrorism incidents whose official narrative ever-fewer Americans believe.

Abolishing the CIA won’t end government “intelligence”, nor the expansive “deep state”, but it’s a start that could be replicated with other unconstitutional programs dangerous to American wealth, health & prosperity.  The 1976 Church Committee put a dent in the dogma that of course, we need intelligence.  The mounting Police State domestically and the blowback from overseas instigations completes the argument.  It was a mistake to allow the deep state – in all its manifestations.

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