The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Doctor Revolution is Redefining Care!



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The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Doctor Revolution is Redefining Care!

Jay Keese – Executive Director, Direct Primary Care Coalition

It’s not like Direct Primary Care (DPC) is revolutionary, or that we haven’t covered this topic – see past Freedom Hub shows with Drs. O’Rourke, Purcell, and Gold, or even niches like subscription specialty care, or with advisors – like Pyle, Alley, or Claasen – who promote DPC plans for employers… or Mr. Beckley’s agency looking to recruit agents who understand these superior programs.  Yet, too few employees and families know about the on-call primary care that stands ready to support them.

For more than a decade, Mr. Keese – a long-time lobbyist – has represented the national political interests of subscription-based primary care.  He can tell us the time and effort it has taken to legalize DPC under skeptical insurance commissioners, how current regulations (like ObamaCare) have stifled DPC growth, and how DPCs have benefited from the expert health plan leadership of maverick “Rosetta” advisors.

The facts are impressive.  Except for acute emergencies, DPC docs can resolve 80% of illnesses and accidents.  They often have access to cheaper meds, tests & labs, and even virtual specialist consulting to triage the issues of many Americans.  For chronic patients, the opportunity to freely return to the doctor every month eases the cost and hassle of booking and paying for separate appointments.  In fact, the DCP price structure can help control the fundamental cost overruns of the entire health marketplace.

Direct Primary Care brings the promise of getting exceptional primary care outside of the constraints of the conventional, third-party insurance reimbursements. Sadly, tax code provisions, which haven’t been updated in decades, currently prohibit individuals with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) from using them for a DPC membership.

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