The Key to Freedom is your INNER Freedom…How do you spend your day?



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The Key to Freedom is your INNER Freedom…How do you spend your day?

Barry Brownstein – University of Baltimore Professor of Economics & Leadership

Fresh from hearing Sat Kirtan Kaur on Conscious Leadership via Meditation, Richard Harris on Biohacking and Liberty, and Artemiss Keyhani on ShadowWork to Find Oneself Despite the Chaos, this week we have a popular business professor whose courses on LEADERSHIP do not offer the standard management advice expected by business students. Professor Brownstein provides students with a deeper understanding which helps them look at their inner barriers to freedom, liberty, and effective leadership.

 Each of us holds in our mind judgments, mistaken beliefs, and conditioned responses that color our life experiences. Without working on inner freedom, we have difficulty taking on responsibility – and living a life in alignment with our highest purpose.

CRT, “Woke-ness,” and especially the Covid’s tyranny, has awakened a groundswell to the need to do better, and to take action against “leaders” who offer a future we know deep inside is not in our best interests. 

To improve our lives and become leaders that matter, Dr. Brownstein has written The Inner-Work of Leadership. His essays have appeared in publications such as the Foundation for Economic Education, the American Institute for Economic Research, and Intellectual Takeout.  See if this week’s episode shows if you might be harboring any barriers to pursuing happiness, and a richer, more meaningful life.

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