The Last Temptation of Trump

Jesus was crucified. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr were assassinated. Yesterday, Donald Trump was arrested.

Don’t get me wrong. By no means am I saying that Donald Trump is Jesus. But Jesus and Donald Trump are fighting the same enemy, and that enemy is evil. There is evil in the world. There is evil in the United States of America. We see evil rear its ugly head every day of our lives in this country. We saw the manifestation of that evil in Nashville last week. We see that evil in the 300 young Americans who die every day from drug overdoses because Joe Biden opened our southern border. We see that evil every time a radical DA like Alvin Bragg downgrades a violent felony into a misdemeanor and allows a criminal back on the streets to rape and kill again. We see that evil in the sexualization of our children in our public-school classrooms. We see that evil all over Tik-Tok and the other social media websites that are poisoning the minds of our children. We see that evil in the endless and fruitless wars that our leaders invariably ensnare us to appease and enrich the military industrial complex. The Democrats embrace evil. They want that evil in this country. They need that evil to create the destruction needed to usurp power over the rest of us.

Yesterday, we did not just witness an indictment of a former president, it is an indictment on our system, our country, and every law-abiding citizen in America. The prosecutors in the case, asked the judge to hold the trial of Trump until January 2024, which would be right in the middle the Republican presidential primary season. Why would they ask to hold it that long? To influence the election, of course. Everything that Alvin Bragg is doing right now is 100 times more impactful on the 2024 election than anything that even the most strident Democrats accused Vladimir Putin of doing in 2016, and Bragg will get away with it.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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