The Making of a CONSCIOUS Leader…Does that mean prioritizing ONESELF last?



Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, The Conscious Business Consultant

Corporate workers have had it “up to here” with consultants training them to “better themselves” or the company.  On a more serious note, more and more Millennials are consciously quitting if there’s not a strong set of values in the venture.  Sat Kirtan Kaur’s consulting can help companies stop this exodus. 


Trained in Kundalini Yoga and frustrated in her own workplace, she has created a safe space for CEOs and workers of all types to release the burdens of the secrets they carry – to relieve their stress so they can enjoy their path. 


When the boss entrusts his or her workers, empowering them to be the “CEO of Themselves” and have a very clear vision of what it is they want to contribute to the world, people will want to work with that boss and will add to the mission. That is if the boss – the CEO and/or leaders in the organization – dare to give them the charge.


Sat Kirtan wrote it all down, with techniques and lessons, in her popular book, “How to Become a Conscious Leader:  5 Vital Lessons CEOs Can Learn from a Yogi to Build Trust and Make an Impact”.


In the “New Normal” leaders need to seek out consultants who understand the new cultural dynamics in play, and who have a track record in the C-Suite. 

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