The most poisonous phrase in the history of this country

This has been simmering in me for a long time. “Celebrate Diversity” is the single greatest poison coursing through the veins of America and America is dying from it.

When I meet someone- anyone- I try to do one thing – find something in common and engage in conversation about that. I find that it usually grows into sharing other common grounds. It could be kids, it could something in sports, it could be golf, it could be wine, it could be family, it could be cars, hip and knee replacements, or whatever. Soon it becomes easy to spend time with someone.  If I know said person might have a diametrically opposed view on politics, I’ll just avoid that and agree to disagree. I have found this to be a very successful philosophy and have many liberal friends despite being a staunch conservative.

It is absolute opposite of what is being foisted on us all.

There is no strength in diversity. Diversity is the opposite of strength. Diversity demands focus on everything that makes us different and that is dead wrong. E pluribus unum. From many, one. To be successful, teams have to work together as one, not work together as a band of individuals. Strength comes when all pull together for a goal. Weakness comes when everyone pulls in their own diverse direction.

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Posted by cstarman417

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