The National Divorce has begun

MTG — Marjorie Taylor Greene — is taking some heat for proposing a national divorce. She divorced three days before Christmas after 27 years of marriage. Her tweets on dividing the nation into red and blue have riled up the left, which is always riled up about something. They live to be displeased. 

She laid out her case in a lengthy tweet on Thursday.

The press would have you believe that she is nuts, but a divorce is an idea almost as old as the republic. 

Two centuries ago, New Englanders wanted to leave the union because Virginia dominated national politics.

…But Joe Blow overlooks the obvious. 

The national divorce is taking place. 

People are voting with their feet. 

Last year, 9 of the top 10 states in population gains were red states — led by Florida. 

7 of the top 10 losers were blue states — led by New York.

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