The Neocons Lie When They Say They're Promoting "Reagan's Rules." – Reagan's Rules Were Nearly the Complete Opposite of What They're Pus

Byron York: DeSantis’ critics say he’s out of “the mainstream” on Ukraine. They’re wrong. He’s mainstream, they’re not.

What to make of DeSantis’s answers? Has he taken Putin’s side against America? Has he moved to the extremes, the crazy fringes, of the Ukraine debate? No, he hasn’t. There is a range of opinion on what the U.S. should do in the Ukraine matter, and DeSantis occupies an entirely legitimate position, no matter what his more excitable critics might say.

Lindsey Graham just claimed that Ronald Reagan would begin shooting down Russian planes right now.
He would? Does Lindsey Graham realize that Regan faced the actual Soviet Union, in full expansionist empire/funding terrorism mode, and had ample opportunity to “start shooting down Russian jets” over his eight year presidency? Does Graham think that Reagan wanted to give the order to begin World War Three, but kept missing his opportunities?
It is imperative to remember that Ronald Reagan actually used US forces very little. He mounted a very small expedition to Grenada, a casualty-free intervention. He agreed to insert US Marines into Lebanon as peacekeepers — and then deeply regretted the decision, when terrorists blew up their base.
Through the CIA, he funded anti-Soviet mujahadeen fighters. He did not send US jets to “shoot down Russian planes” or helicopters in Afghanistan.
And he fired a cruise missile at Qadaffi.
Here are Reagan’s actual rules for sending US troops into harm’s way.

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