The WEF Hijacks The Food Supply

WEF leaders, central bankers and WHO mouthpiece Tedros, who covered up a million plus people dying of cholera in his own country Is saying that 30 something percent of the evil greenhouse gases come from farming. Our food systems are harming the health of people and planet food systems contribute to over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and account for almost one third of the global burden of diseases.

And now they’re moving on to methane, not just from cows bellies, but also, from rice farming. Half the world gets 60% of its nutrition from rice. So they want to cut off more than a quarter of the world’s calories with one move. And the U.N. just says the problem is the food. The U.N. is no longer the same organization that it was a decade ago. It is now a full blown eugenics operation.

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Posted by Ace

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