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Back in 2021 I asked if it was time to go Master Blaster on The Radical Left. To provide the background:

If you’re not familiar with what the title of this post is referencing, back in the 80s Mel Gibson made a third Mad Max movie, often referred to by one word as part of it’s title, “Thunderdome.” While the Thunderdome part and Tina Turner’s performance as the leader of a semi lawless trading post called Bartertown gave the movie character, overall the film fell flat when it’s writers forgot that the story needed an ending. One other memorable piece of the film was a character called “Master Blaster”, the foreman who oversaw Bartertown’s energy production, via methane from pig Schiff. Being a prickly character, Master Blaster would occasionally embargo the energy to Bartertown as a reminder of the power he held.

The incident that led me to make this suggestion involved Lefty run company The North Face

A few months ago, The North Face (TNF), a left leaning outdoor apparel company, snubbed a requested order by an oil and gas company for reasons. Three months later the Colorado Oil and Gas Association gave TNF an award for all of the petroleum products that go into their manufacturing process. A few years ago I would have applauded this gesture, but not today. Granted, it was a damned clever move, but we’re in different times. I could drop dozens of stories about Leftist authoritarianism tied to the Climastrology cult, but if you’re reading this you already know plenty of them. The correct gesture today would be for their oil supplier to immediately end their contract with TNF, and to reach out to other potential suppliers and agree to embargo TNF.

My point is that if The Radical Left says they want something, they should be given it good and hard, no matter how much their actions contradict their words. I cited a few other shorter examples, and since then we’ve seen two situations relevant to what’s happening today. Two years ago a convoy of truckers held a massive protest of Justin Castreau’s authoritarian regime over The Fauci Flu. We’re seeing bigger protests by European farmers objecting to the extinction policies of the Climastrology death cult that’s controlling European leadership. I’m not sure if I’ve written this previously, but when I saw these protests I kept thinking  that it would be more effective to not protest or block roads, but to simply stop delivering to the cities handing down these Intolerable Acts. Until now.

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