Unmasking Elon Musk's X and the Hidden Threat to Your Freedom

During tonight’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I air an interview I gave on the show Battlefront: Frontline with Dustin Faulkner discussing my new social media platform Pickax, which is a constitutionally protected free speech platform not beholden to Big Tech and offering monetization opportunities for content creators unlike any social media platform out there. Dustin and I discuss Elon Musk’s supposed freedom of speech on X, which is actually described by their policy: Freedom of Speech but not Freedom of Reach. The reason they are doing this is to build up Musk’s new xAI, and because they are using real-time data from X, that will be the most relevant and up-to-date AI on the planet. This is a concern, given his transhumanist ideology and eventually connecting his AI up with your brain through Neurolink. This is why everyone needs to sign up for Pickax, where instead of using users to build up his technology, I’m using technology to amplify you.

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