War With China: What Would It Look Like?

War With China: What Would It Look Like, Taiwan, China spies, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Vietnam, India, But, if war is upon us, we must be committed to winning it, no half war, no holding back, no quarter given.

There is no mistaking that China is aggressive. They are spoiling for a fight, feeling their oats, so to speak. They, like so many communist countries, are very much like your typical organized crime syndicate, not out to defend their people, but closer to defending their hold on their territory and its economy. They have a money maker and will defend it.

The Chinese people, for the most part, have long since retreated into a fetal position. The World Economic Forum even suggests that The New World Order’s population should be made up of 50% oriental since they are totally accustomed to and accepting of regimentation.

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Posted by Yankee62

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