Was America at its Best With the “Presidential Jeffersonians?”

Was America at its Best With the “Presidential Jeffersonians?”

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Who was our best president, and when was America’s greatest period of peace and prosperity?  Over the years Freedom Hub has platformed some great discussions on this topic, probably most memorably with Ivan Eland in his book with that amazing title, “Recarving Mt. Rushmore”.  He liked John Tyler, for betraying the banksters who elected him.  Ron Paul favored Grover Cleveland, for resisting interventions abroad and at home.  Larry Reid liked James Garfield.

But what about the early “Republicans”, who stopped the nascent centralizing tendencies of Hamilton’s federalists?  Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe are called the “Jeffersonians” by historian Gutzman, and they faced grave pressure to sustain the cancer of the national bank for easy money and crony tariffs to improve the roads.  We know from Professor Sjursen’s Freedom Hub presentation that it wasn’t long after this period that our republic imploded into an empire.  Heck, Legalese Podcaster Fiedler told Freedom Hub that we lost our republic when the anti-federalists lost.

How did the “Jeffersonians” do after all the political capital gained after the 1800 Counter-revolution?  Dr. Gutzman will expose their demerits, as well as what lessons we can draw for saving our republic today.

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