Was Jamaal Bowman Inspired by Watching Dopey Fire Alarm Prank Videos?

Did Jamaal Bowman watch prank fire alarm videos such as these and get inspired by them to pull, not a fake fire alarm as the lowlife goofballs in the videos did, but a REAL fire alarm in order to INTERFERE WITH THE OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS? How pathetic is it that a congressman actually acts LOWER than the fire alarm prank goofballs? In addition he INTEREFERED WITH THE OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS. Will Bowman get the same treatment as the J6 protestors who were invited into the Capitol by the police and politely walked through its halls only to be later charged for INTEREFERING WITH THE OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS and sentenced to several years in jail? Probably not but it sure does illustrate the two-tier system of justice that the current state of Democrat Lawfare has brought us.

Oh, and how dopey does one have to be to think that he can pull a REAL (not fake) fire alarm in the Capitol building and not have it recorded by at least one of the many many cameras all over the place? It could be a dopeyness caused by watching too many of the fire alarm prank videos.

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Posted by pjcomix

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