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The entire world was shocked as they watched China brazenly fly a spy balloon over America. It was first spotted in Alaska on January 28 and then flew across Canada and down into the United States.  The Chinese Jolly Roger  spent four days sailing over 11 American states, including 21 military bases, without repercussion. All patriotic Americans were disgusted, but the liberals who “elected” the bumbling, fumbling, Biden (Oh, sure, he’s just fine) were probably pleased as punch with his anemic response.

During the unauthorized Chinese incursion, I wondered what would Trump do (W.W.T.D.) if China launched a spy balloon on his watch.  First of all, China would never, ever, be stupid enough to challenge Donald Trump.  “You don’t spit into the wind.  You don’t tug on Superman’s cape and you, never, ever, challenge Trump.”

President Xi Jinping of China may look exactly like Winnie the Pooh, but he is not stupid.  Trump probably would have captured the balloon and painted it red, white, and blue. Then he would have boxed it up, put a ribbon on it (you always have time for a ribbon), and placed it gently on the aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford.  Before the paint dried, Trump would have assembled a carrier task force and sailed right into China’s main harbor, probably with him on board.   Based on past comments, General Milley probably would have called Jinping and tattled that Trump was ticked off and heading his way.

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