What’s Worth Defending? Western Civilization Part I

What’s Worth Defending? Western Civilization Part I

Call it the Culture War, protecting what the Founders created, or just plain national survival, we are in a war that must be won. On one side are the Marxist critical theory people in their many variations. They seek to weaken and undermine the West. They find imperfections, most of them corrected long ago, and use them to characterize the Western way of life as fatally flawed and requiring destruction. They shriek that Western society is racist and homophobic and hegemonic and stifling. They condemn and cancel any counterargument as racist and homophobic. The latest weapon is to declare anything they don’t like as ‘white supremacy’. In their world a differing opinion, whether informed or not, cannot be tolerated. They want to win at all costs. We must make sure they do not.

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