Where is the ‘Free Energy’ We Constantly Hear About?

Where is the ‘Free Energy’ We Constantly Hear About?

Thomas Baine – Founder, AlphaOmega Energy




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Whenever someone explores Edison’s electricity invention, they come across his rival Nikola Tesla, and end up wondering how different the world would be if Tesla’s wireless, free energy system was actually implemented here.

Tesla may have been the first, but he wasn’t the last to play with this. It seems like once or twice every year we hear also about someone who came up with a brilliant invention – such as a car engine that can run on water, or a magnetic motor that will power your house for decades and requires ZERO fuel or energy to do so. For some reason, though, it seems that these inventions never make it to market, and their inventors end up dead; not always, but quite often.  What’s going on?

Is Mr. Baine and his AOE project headed down the same path? We certainly hope not.

“Alpha Omega Energy, according to Baine, ”is the World’s #1 Breakthrough Clean Energy Tech Startup in History with more than 5,000 New Energy & Energy Related Technologies.  It is #1 in impact potential, power density and value, as tops out on many other metrics, as well.”

When not saving the world from the energy cartelists, Thomas is a cohost on Weaponized News.  If his name sounds familiar, you may recall his previous Freedom Hub presentation on the chemistry behind hospitals’ deadly Covid Remdesivir protocols. He was also previously sponsored to the WEF & scouted to their YGL program similar to Vivek Ramaswamy, but inside the event, once they found out the true power of what he was building, they got security, surrounded him, and threw him out. It was at this time that he learned for the very first time, who these people really are, what they are really about, and then just 20 months later, Klaus Schwab came out from behind the curtain to the public for “The Great Reset” as they pressed the Energy Crisis to new worldwide levels as shut down the pipelines, locked down the world, blew up the gas pipelines, & locked you in a new worldwide prison & poisoned you & your family, every way possible.

You know you’re as curious as anyone about better energy, and the creepy probability that humanity has had a lot of inventors who have been snuffed out, to society’s great detriment.

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