Woke Crazy Believes Restoring Sight To The Blind Is Prejudice Toward The Handicapped – The Lid

Proving they are blind to reality, liberals who continue to descend into woke madness are now criticizing doctors for working to give sight to the blind because it somehow assumes the evil “superiority” of sighted people over the blind.

This is how crazy the woke leftists have become. I have never met or heard of sightless people who would rather be blind than be allowed surgery or other solution to giving them sight. But leave it to absurd leftists to see a “penumbra” in such a situation. The woke idiots don’t realize that surgery to restore sight is a choice. No one will show up at a blind person’s house, drag them to the nearby hospital and force them to have an operation. Perhaps they believe that ophthalmologists are starting to adopt liberal philosophy—- independent thought is not allowed.

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