Xi establishes dominance over Biden. All it took was a balloon – Flopping Aces

Xi Jinping has established dominance over Joe Biden and all it took was a balloon. China sent a highly sophisticated maneuverable surveillance balloon sailing over the United States. It crossed into US airspace over Alaska on January 28th, crossed into Canada and then back over the US, pausing over a number of US military installations. Joe Biden says he was notified on Jan 28th but he waited until Wednesday the 1st to order it shot down, but it was not until the 4th that the balloon was shot down. The balloon was taken down in international waters, resulting in a 7 mile debris perimeter. Now US officials are concerned that China might get to the payload before the US can.

It was an experiment to see how Biden would react in a crisis. Now the world knows. Biden folded like a bad hand.

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Posted by cstarman417

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