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The Texas Rangers baseball organization is under fire right now because they are the only team in Major League Baseball that has not held a Pride night. An anonymous employee of the organization said, “the whole message was ‘Baseball is for Everyone.’ But not if you’re a Texas Rangers fan.” A former employee also said that “(The silence) is deafening... It’s a free marketing opportunity, it doesn’t cost them anything personally and they can boost revenue by looking inclusive. The fact that there hasn’t been one (for Texas), is the biggest ‘actions speak louder than words’ I’ve ever seen.” The former employee continued, “It’s the bare minimum thing. The fact that there’s so much resistance is a huge point of contention.”

Maybe one of the reasons why the Rangers have resisted to pandering to the LGBTQ crowd is because of what happened earlier this month when the Los Angeles Dodgers held their Pride night. Instead of showing up and respecting the game, the community, our country and each other like every other group who is honored at Major League ballparks, the members of the LGBTQ community decided to use their platform to disrespect and diminish members of other groups. Men participating in the Pride event, decided to dress like caricatures of Catholic nuns for the express purpose of mocking and ridiculing the Catholic Church and the Christian faith. Is that inclusion? There were mass protests and boycotts outside the stadium, and the stands looked almost empty at game time.

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