Wireless Convenience… or Digital Prison?

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Wireless Convenience… or Digital Prison?

Charles Frohman – Lobbyist, National Health Federation



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Telecoms know humans don’t want to hear about the dangers of ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation as they buy the latest smartphones and complain about gaps in coverage as they drive remote roads.  Yet, as chronic disease has exploded to over 60% of the population, up to 30% of all Americans (100 million) suffer from Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS), which causes – or is part of the cause – of immune dysfunction, DNA damage, infertility, cancer, and chronic disease.

Should property owners settle for deployment of dangerous antennas outside their bedrooms, children’s classrooms and local parks, when they paid phone taxes over the past decade that were earmarked for wired Internet?  This broken promise was exposed in the “Irregulators” lawsuit, revealing diversion of this revenue instead to the wireless mesh, to monetize our data and enable govt tracking.

Mr. Frohman, when not hosting the weekly Freedom Hub zooms or selling the Forbes-featured Sharing upgrade from Obamacare, is the lobbyist for National Health Federation, the world’s oldest health freedom organization.  For the past year he has helped the National Call for Safe Technology by educating congressional offices about a plethora of bills whose synergy of antennas, smart utility meters and appliance sensors will spy on, fry, and coerce Americans.  And it will turn our communities into digital prisons if not checked.

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