Internet Convenience Shouldn’t Injure Others

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Internet Convenience Shouldn’t Injure Others

Shannon Rowan – The Wireless Mesh



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In conning Earthlings to accept an inferior way to access Internet connections, Telecom has left a growing percentage of humans injured or destitute from radiation.  This is because wireless “smart” meters, routers, phones, sensors, towers and antennas damage DNA – as found by our highest authority, the National Toxicology Program. 

Broadband connections, though, do not require the carpeting of our neighborhoods, offices, schools, farms and parks with antennas.  Instead, from the Age of Telephones until today, the cheapest, safest, most reliable, most secure, and most energy efficient way to transmit data has been through wires, coaxial cable, and fiber optics.

So why isn’t fiber being used to bridge the so-called Broadband Digital Divide?  Because fiber doesn’t promise as much Telecom profit as wireless.  With their installed mesh of sensors, companies can track our every move and sell the data to advertisers… or to governments, to root out threatening independent behavior. 

Such information promises riches for Wall Street, power for government, and disease and pain for humans. Author of “Wi-Fi Refugee:  Plight of the Modern Day Canary”, Ms. Rowan warns that more of us are electro-sensitive than we suspect, and that the coming Digital Gulag is part of a larger Great Reset.

Learn how to gain broadband connection without suffering radiation poisoning, being spied on or losing access to normal, daily living activities just because you want to be left alone by snitch neighbors or thugs in the corporate-govt-media complex.

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