Fundamentally Transformed

In 2008,Barack Obama promised that he was going to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America. This past week’s unprecedented indictment of a former President and frontrunner in the upcoming Presidential election on trumped up process crimes, is a clear sign that Obama has succeeded. The United States of America has been fundamentally transformed. The foundation of America which had made us the greatest country on the planet has been destroyed. All that is left is a corrupt shell of our past greatness.

 This has been building over the last 15 years. It started in 2010 when Lois Lerner weaponized the IRS to target Barack Obama’s and the Democrats’ political opponents – The Tea Party. In 2016, the Obama DOJ falsified FISA warrants in order to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign, his transition team and eventually his Presidency. Hillary Clinton paid a foreign spy to create a false dossier that the DOJ used to launch a 2½ year fraudulent Russia collusion investigation against Trump which hamstrung his presidency. In 2022, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s private home looking for “classified” documents, something that many former White House officials had also done, but were not raided. Since 2016, 11 associates of Donald Trump have been arrested and charged with crimes, most of which are process crimes. And now, Donald Trump has been indicted for bookkeeping errors.

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