Cheaters Cheat

Robert Kennedy Jr recently said, “The Democrat Party is doing a bunch of things to make sure that I can’t [run] even if I win more votes than Joe Biden… the Democratic Party thinks that I may win New Hampshire, so they’ve removed Joe Biden from New Hampshire and they passed a rule that says any candidate who actively campaigns in New Hampshire, that the delegates they win will not be allowed into the convention. And that, now what they’re saying is they’re going to extend that so that if you campaign in New Hampshire, which I already done, that any votes you get in Georgia won’t count for you either… my name won’t appear on the ballot in Georgia if I campaign in New Hampshire. That’s what the DNC is up to now.”

 That is what the Democrat party is always up to. Cheaters cheat. The Democrat party rigged the 2016 primary for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Donna Brazille, a Democrat operative working for CNN, gave Hillary the debate questions before her Democrat debate with Bernie Sanders. They rigged the 2020 primary for Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders. In both primaries, the Democrat party manipulated their super-delegates against Bernie Sanders and for their favored candidate. And this year, they are rigging the Democrat primary in favor of Joe Biden against Robert F Kennedy Jr. The entire M.O. of the Democrat party is to cheat.

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