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Radical Muslims Poison 100s of Iranian Girls to Prevent their Schooling

“Iran: Hundreds of schoolgirls poisoned to stop them from getting education.” In Islamic scriptures and law, women are very clearly described as inferior and subordinate to men. Full-face burkas, child brides from toddler age on up, honor killings,beatings, and encouraged sex slavery are among the crimes Islam explicitly encourages against women and young girls.

Iran itself is a major state sponsor of terrorism and has openly called for the death or violent targeting of Israel and America (and the latter’s politicians). The ruling regime has arrested and abused tens of thousands of Iranians (including children) as massive anti-regime protests have convulsed the country. The UK Guardian published an article Feb. 6, “‘They used our hijabs to gag us’: Iran protesters tell of rapes, beatings and torture by police.” The article contained horror stories of police beatings, brutal rapes, and torture of Iranian protestors, both men and women but especially women. The Guardian said over 500 people, including 70 children, have been killed by Iranian security forces since the protests started.

So it’s hardly surprising, though it is very tragic, that radicals in Iran would be deliberately poisoning hundreds of schoolgirls. 

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Catherine Salgado is a columnist for The Rogue Review, a Writer for MRC Free Speech America, and writes her own Substack, Pro Deo et Libertate. She received the Andrew Breitbart MVP award for August 2021 from The Rogue Review for her journalism.

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