Russiagate 2: The FBI, together with democrats, sets up the House Oversight Committee. – Flopping Aces

If there is fault in regard to the FBI informant and his information to be assigned, it belongs to the FBI who worked with the informant Smirnov for a long time and let it be known that Smirnov was considered highly credible. Or maybe that was all done for a reason.

Something about this absolutely stinks. One might be tempted to think that David Weiss, who always had all the power he needed to indict Hunter Biden, asked to be Special Counsel for more than one reason, that being able to impeach Smirnov and try to torpedo the Oversight Committee Impeachment Inquiry following the impeachment of the witness.

Was this all by design? The cynic in me says yes, it’s all part of Russiagate II. The FBI and CIA already conspired against Trump.

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Posted by cstarman417

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