Some Unsolicited Advice to Donald Trump for Winning the White House in 2024

I’d like to offer some advice to Donald Trump. This offer comes from someone who in November talked about following him into a raging inferno then in January questioned whether supporting him was worth the fight.

How does one go from being such a rabid fan to sitting on the fence in such a short period of time?  Messaging.  As I mentioned in my January piece, Trump’s embrace of the grifters running the GOP suggests that he might be taking his eye off the ball.  As such, I’d like to offer three bits of unsolicited advice to the former and hopefully future president.

First, stop focusing on the stolen 2020 election and focus on America today. Not that 2020 wasn’t important, it was. But it’s 2023 and we’re 20 months away from the next election.  There simply isn’t time to fix 2020, and any energy spent trying to do is that much less energy going into saving the country in 2024.  Given the trajectory of the country, if we’re not victorious in 2024 there will likely be no more America as we know it by 2028.

Second, to stop taking credit for the vaccine.  The more Americans know about it the less they like it, and many of us hated it from day one. While putting the development in motion was understandable at the time, the fact is that it was used as a cudgel to coerce the American people into submission, and may have terrible long term consequences to come.  It’s an issue best let go as his supporters hate it and his enemies wouldn’t give him credit for it regardless.

Third, and most importantly, focus on issues that impact Americans where the proverbial tire hits the road.  Here are seven.

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