Rats and Cockroaches

There are two creatures who hate the light, rats and cockroaches. Whenever light is shown on them, they scatter for the cracks, crevices and crags, frantically seeking out the darkness because they don’t want anyone to see what they are doing. They love the darkness. They thrive in the darkness. There is a third creature who hates the light as well – Democrat politicians. They hate the light for all the same reasons that the rats and cockroaches hate the light, they do not want anyone to see what they are up to. But a big difference is that not only do the Democrat politicians want to remain in the darkness, they want you to live in the darkness as well, so they can continue their wicked ways without you seeing.

The last two nights, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on his broadcast, has shown video that had never been seen by the public, of the United States Capital on January 6, 2021.This video had been hidden from the American people for the last 26 months, and Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer is apoplectic. Like his fellow rats and cockroaches, Schumer is frantically scrambling for everyone to be thrown back into the darkness, so he can hide in the shadows where he and the Democrats can continue their nefarious ways. 

In a panic-laced speech before Congress on Monday, Schumer condemned Tucker Carlson, calling him “shameful”. He claimed that Carlson was “lying to his audience”, and accused him of “cherry-picking from thousands of hours of video”. He also charged House Speaker Kevin McCarthy with choosing “cheap political expediency over truth and democracy” because he released the video. At the end of the speech, Schumer urged “Fox News to order Carlson to cease” showing the video that had never been hidden by the public. 

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