Pete Santilli visited Target last week to check out their “Gay Pride” merchandise display. Upon discovering children’s clothing, Santilli as the manager to remove the clothing, expressing his opinion that marketing homosexuality to children is not only inappropriate and exploitative, but should be illegal. He informed the manager that he would return and protest if the children’s clothing was still on display. (See video from Pete’s first visit to Target: ) On Saturday June 3, 2023 at approximately 4:30pm EST, as promised, Pete returned to Target and their management team went ballistic; swarming him, kicking him out of the store, and also filing a false police report that he “refused to leave” —- as he was voluntarily walking out of the store after being asked to leave. Based on Target’s action during his first visit, Santilli refused to be silenced by Target evicting him out of the store, so he brought some huge speakers! Target management was incensed, and failed at their attempt to have the police remove him from the vicinity. Despite 2 911 calls and response by 4 police cars, Santilli continued his protest unabated. Target customers were overwhelming in support of Pete’s message, giving him “thumb’s up” and positive gesture as they drove by. CARDIO MIRACLE: Get 3 Free Scientific Reports That Just Might Save Your Life! Text CARDIO To: 844-837-9924 Visit and use Promo Code PETE to save 15% & get free shipping when you subscribe. PROTECT YOUR 401K FROM CRIPPLING INFLATION & GROWING DEBT. IF YOU HAVE $50K OR MORE IN RETIREMENT SAVINGS, CALL 855-614-1681 or visit TO RECEIVE A FREE IRS LOOPHOLE KIT & LEARN ABOUT HOW TO GET $10,000 (Or More) In Free Silver For Doing It! Please be sure to click the THUMBs UP button when you check in! LIVE STREAM: PODCAST: FOLLOW US: TRUTH: TRUTH #SBN: RUMBLE: GETTR: LOCALS: FRANK SPEECH: FRANK SOCIAL: LINKS: _____________________________________ SUPPORT US: PAYPAL: LOCALS: MYPILLOW.COM: (Use Promo Code PETE)

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