Unwrapping Unethical Behavior: The Special Counsel's Precarious Game – Flopping Aces

DC Attorney Stanley Woodward — that’s not him in the picture above — has represented several people who have appeared as witnesses subpoenaed by the Special Counsel’s Office before the grand jury in Washington DC investigating all matters involving former President Trump. He’s done that because he’s a damn fine lawyer and is in demand in Washington DC. I’ve seen a lot of shitty lawyering in DC — to my surprise — but Stanley is not among that group. I sat next to him for 6 weeks in trial back in Feb-Mar.

He represents Walt Nauta who was indicted in the FL case along with former Pres. Trump. Woodward also represented “Employee 4” (E4) in the investigation, who also testified before the DC grand jury. The SCO took the view that E4 lied in the GJ to benefit Trump and Nauta while represented by Woodward, and that E4 needed to have separate legal advice about his situation.

The Special Counsel did nothing to dispel the insinuation that was suggested by its efforts — it wanted the public to come away with the impression that Woodward had played a role in getting E4 to lie in order to benefit Nauta and Trump. The effort was transparent “character assassination” of a defense attorney they do not want to continue in the case.

So how did this little ‘Kabuki Theater” orchestrated by the SCO play out?

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