Upgrading Health via World’s Most Advanced Functional Assessment



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Upgrading Health via World’s Most Advanced Functional Assessment

Pamela Nygaard – Genexy, Health AI

The free annual screenings in ObamaCare plans barely scratch the surface…Only a few of them check blood, and most rely on simple questionnaires along with an annual “physical” to screen your health. Unfortunately, these methods are largely ineffective. In fact, large population studies have shown that the annual physical exam is pretty much worthless in terms of predicting anything.

The late Dr. Charles Bens tried to encourage scientifically accurate treatments using outcomes from PubMed trials and medical textbooks based on the modern school of functional medicine. Pamela Nygaard, a long-time benefits expert, has now made this AI (Augmented Intelligence) tool available to all – and employers, especially, are seeing healthier employees and their families.

In addition to lowering costs and helping boost productivity, this more comprehensive assessment tool is also facilitating better discussions among physicians, coaches, trainers, and their patients and clients.

Genexy Health analyzes blood work, DNA, air quality, water toxins, pharmaceutical contraindications, lifestyle, and more, to offer patients a health score and a related treatment plan that helps reverse health issues using root-cause logic.

Individuals, families, and business owners can buy the system on their own, or doctors can prescribe it for patients, as well. Since the recommendations are based on holistic rather than drug-based solutions, patients are better able to address the root causes of their ‘dis-ease,’ and not just treat the symptoms.

In a world where more information based on better tech is better, Genexy takes functional health assessments to the next level.

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