Will Libertarians let RFK Run for President?

Will Libertarians let RFK Run for President?

Angela McArdle – Chair, Libertarian Party



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While self-thinking humans have cringed at the election worldwide of leaders who do nothing but follow the old Roman adage to distract people with “bread and circuses” (mixed with a little divide-and-conquer fear-mongering), it has shocked many with delight that Argentina just might elect a LIBERTARIAN.

Meanwhile, American populists are so sick of mainstream elites that they seem hell-bent on re-electing Trump, while the brainwashed TV watchers are content to keep in office the current cadaver. Heaven forbid the Dems nominate someone historic and heroic, like RFK. Or a quality libertarian like frequent Freedom Hub guest Jacob Hornberger, or new candidate Professor Rectenwald.

To discuss the dream of a republic-restoring libertarian is the party’s chair, Angela McCardle, a Los Angeles lawyer who made a mark during Covid using her profession to protect citizens from unwanted vaccine mandates.

Indeed, it’s the failure of older libertarians to sufficiently criticize the Covid madness that chased many libertarians into the arms of Trump. Republicans at large, however, aren’t as trustworthy on freedom or government corruption as libertarians – or even independents – would like. Can the LP capitalize on this?

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